Solution For Nigeria In The Grow Your Energy (GYE) Initiative

GYE has the potential to become Nigeria’s home-grown initiative to mitigate the looming catastrophic effects of the current global economic meltdown. It also provides answers to Nigeria’s efforts to reduce her carbon footprint in the fight against global warming in addition to resolving problems associated with the commercialization of agriculture, food shortage, rural development, restiveness in the Niger Delta, electric power generation, mono-product economy, rapid decline in Foreign Direct Investment, loss of jobs and attendant insecurity.

The GYE Concept was developed by Nigerian Scientists and Management staff in Global Biofuels Ltd in collaboration with reputable research institutes in Nigeria, India and China in addition to the under listed parties, namely:

GYE pilot scheme has been successfully implemented in two (2) states of Nigeria with very impressive results. It has received global acclaim and won two International awards from: Messrs Frost and Sullivan (Jo’Burg South Africa, December 2008) and African Business Owners Forum Inc (ABOFI), Maryland USA, November 2008. The initiative is now a subject of intensive research by some proactive governments.

  • The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation — Regulator and Product Off-taker.
  • The Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS) — Political Support.
  • The Institute of Agriculture Research, ABU Samaru — Feedstock Research (local).
  • National Animal Production Research Institute, ABU Zaria, Animal Husbandry Research.
  • International Crop Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) India — Feedstock Research and Commercialisation Advisory (International) (FRCA).
  • China Export Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSUR)
  • China Exim BANK — Funding of Chinese Project Development Component.

 WHY GYE: There are four important reasons why Nigeria is embracing the GYE initiative.

2.1   Firstly, global warming and climate change have been traced to the harmful effects of Greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted from mankind’s excessive consumption of fossil fuel. This has prompted world leaders to adopt the Kyoto Protocol which seeks to gradually reduce the consumption of fossil fuel, replacing it with renewable and harmless alternatives such as fuel ethanol. Doing so will save planet earth from excessive rise in temperature, chronic desertification, drought, melting of the polar regions, rise in sea level, flooding of the coastal areas, landslides, soil erosion and what have you. Nigeria is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol and ought to be seen to be doing something pragmatic in support of the fight against global warming.

2.2   Secondly, the global economic meltdown, failure of the financial institutions, falling oil prices, enforced oil production cuts, credit crunch, loss of employment, national insecurity and the inevitable protectionism that will ensue is forcing every world leader to look inwards and adopt measures that will create new, smart environmentally friendly and sustainable jobs. The President of Nigeria, having accepted the reality that his country is not immune to this global economic meltdown, has put together an impressive team of experienced Technocrats and Economic Managers to proffer a solution to the imminent catastrophic phenomenon. GYE comes highly recommended as Nigeria’s answer to the economic meltdown.

2.3   Thirdly, the epileptic power supply situation in Nigeria that has crippled industries and left sour taste in the mouth of her leaders is a thing we must all regret as a nation. Any solution that helps to ameliorate the situation is something to be strongly encouraged by all and sundry. GYE with it’s potential to generate electricity from bagasse is a welcome relief.

2.4   Finally, the restiveness in the Niger Delta is a major source of worry across the entire globe. The problem can be successfully tackled once and for all if other areas of the country start to grow their oil and energy in a sustainable manner.

    Global Biofuels Ltd. (RC 679588), a subsidiary of NeGSt Global Integrated Co. Ltd., is implementing a project to convert the juice from the stalk of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) to ethanol

    Our Partners

    ICRISAT India
    NNPC Corporation
    PRAJ Industry India
    IAR Samaru Nigeria
    OCEANIC Bank Nigeria
    SKYE Bank Nigeria
    Government Of Ondo State Nigeria
    Government of Ekiti State Nigeria
    Government of Osun state Nigeria